New Release “EXTINCTION”.

Extinction trailer 2 lr

Trailer Music Awards – 2013
Felicia Farerre
(creative director at Melodeicon) has been elected “Best Vocalist of the Year 2013″ by Trailer Music News
Congratulations to Felicia  for this so deserved award !

trailer award

New trailer for “300:Rise of the Empire”
We are proud that our talent has been used (again) on the new “300:Rise of the Empire” trailer !

Trailer Music Awards – 2013
Phil Rey (composer & manager) is nominated for the Trailer Music Awards – 2013

by Trailer Music News (for his track featuring on the album “Dark Hero : Uprising – by Immediate Music).

trailer award

Sydney New Year’s Eve Show – 2013 / 2014

One of our pieces, “Glorious Swords” opened the celebratory New Year’s show at Sydney Harbour – Australia. This is one of the most important televised New Year’s broadcasts in all of the world. It was also viewed on ABC1 (australian national tv), BBC, NBC, TF1, Euro News, etc…(our music can be heard below, from 00:03 to 00:52 on the video).

Happy New Year!