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EPIC ASSAULTS (compilation – 13 tracks)
Powerful epic hybrid orchestral and choral music /For trailers, films and video games.

In Excelsis (compilation – 16 tracks)
(In Excelsis is the latin expression for “In the highest”, or “on high”)
“In Excelsis” is a compilation-album (2013-2014) of orchestral pieces featuring Felicia Farerre
(award of the Best Epic Female Vocalist 2013).

Ultimate Fantasy (compilation – 17 tracks)
Ultimate Fantasy is a dynamic album of twirling orchestral music, with a delicious fragrance of manga,
or japanese video game (Final Fantasy etc. ..). For trailers, films and video games.

Ultimate Heroes (compilation – 15 tracks)
The purpose of this compilation was to bring together several powerful and uplifting titles
around a single theme : “the super heroes”.

EPIC SKIES (compilation – 15 tracks)
Epic orchestral and emotional music for trailers, films and video games.

Once upon a fantasy (compilation – 20 tracks)
Fairies, trolls, elves, wizards and dragons, together in a magical compilation.

Tales of Darkness (compilation – 23 tracks)
Witches, hunted castles, vampires, ghosts…. the perfect compilation for a demonic project.